Passion Fur Pets Grooming

offers professional full-service grooming for your beloved dog.

A full-service grooming will include the folllowing:

  • Haircut / Brush-out 
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Plucking of ear hair, if needed
  • Bath 
  • Hand Dried
  • Neatening / Scissorring of long or feathered coats
  • Nail Filing    additional $3
  • Expressing Anal Glands    additional $5

The above services can also be provided individually for a lesser charge than a full-service grooming (excludes expressing anal glands).

All dogs are bathed with professional grade shampoos to ensure a great smelling and happy pet.  Medicated shampoos can also be provided if your pet has skin problems or allergies.

Prices are per hour of hands-on time with your pet.  Upon arrival, the size and condition of your pet’s coat will be evaluated to ensure  each client an idea of what their pet needs.  Also, hourly charges allow for such factors such as temperamental differences and tangled or matted coats.  With no hidden charges, hourly rates alleviate any “sticker shock” at time of pick up.  

Please call for pricing quotes.

Passion Fur Pets Grooming can only accept cash or personal check at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

nichole working

At Passion Fur Pets Grooming we strive to keep your pet feeling calm and comfortable, which is why appointments are scheduled back to back instead of overlapping each other.  This keeps the noise level and excitement down to ensure a more relaxing stress-free environment, making for a better experience for your pet.

We do our very best to groom each individual pet to the wants and specifications of their families.  However, sometimes they are undecided or torn between a few different looks.  We can help them to decide which style might look best and be easiest to maintain at home.  We recommend that most pets be groomed every 6-8 weeks.  Appointments can be scheduled in advance to ensure that grooming visits occur on a regular basis, or we can send out reminder cards.

The Importance of Regular Grooming

Taking your dog to be professionally groomed on aregular basis has many benefits.  As well as your pet being tidied up, bathed and smelling sweeter, we will have been able to check your dogs skin for any impurities, ticks, fleas, cuts, or any hidden skin problems.. there are many things hidden in your dogs coats.  We will also check ears, some breeds need the hair plucked from within the ear as this can cause a blockage and wax build up which can lead to an ear infection.

It is important that your dog has regular brushing, as the hair sheds it lays next to the skin and when it gets wet will take a long time to dry, this is one of the main causes of flaky skin and smelly dogs.  Dogs should never be bathed without being fully dried.  A professional groomer will have a big dryer which blows all this dead hair away from the skin and out of the coat, not only brilliant for their skin and well-being, but does wonders for the amount of vacumming in the home.

Claws will also need to be clipped throughout the year, we will be able to clip them if required.  If left unattended some claws can curl around the pads and can sometimes even grow into the pads becoming very sore and sometimes infected.

For the Breeds that need a total body hair cut, such as Shih-Tzu's and Cocker Spaniel's it is very important that those types of breeds be professionally groomed.  Longer, thicker coats can become matted and tangled and be very uncomfortable for your pet.  The tangled coat can begin to pull at the skin and sometimes even cause sores if not attended to.

So for a happy, healthy, great smelling pet treat them to a day at Passion Fur Pets Grooming where your pets' style is our passion.